Tastes change, collections need updating, or you simply need the cash. Whatever your reason, we are ready to help. We are in constant need of inventory to satisfy eager buyers across the globe. If you have any swords, armor or other antiques, we offer several options.

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Sell Your Sword

Sell us your sword, plain and simple. Selling is usually the fastest route to get rid of any swords, armor or other antiques you no longer need.

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Consign Your Sword

Send us your sword and let us do the hard part! Consignment is an great way to make room for new items. While it usually takes longer than selling outright, it generally brings back more money.

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Trade Your Sword

If you're interested in a sword we have and think we can make a trade, that may be the best way to go for you. Keep in mind we are a business and aim to trade up, in our favor.

Sword Hunting

If you are looking for anything in particular please let us know what it is and how much you are looking to spend. We attend all the major sword shows and are in constant contact with other collectors and dealers. Please e-mail your requests to us.

Restoration and Supplies

We do not perform any restoration nor do we sell supplies. We use and recommend the following providers.  
Please contact them directly and mention us as a reference.

Handle Wrapping
Joe Ho 650.493.3395
Randy Black
Sword Care Supplies
Traditional Polishing
Jimmy Hayashi 415.922.0618
Brian Tschernega 425.771.6339
Saya, ShiraSaya and Lacquer
John Tirado 610.754.7535
Randy Black

Inspection Period

We offer a 48 hour inspection period for all antique items. If the item is not to your satisfaction, we will gladly refund your money (not including shipping and handling costs). The 48 hour period starts when the item is delivered to your address. Please contact us to let us know if you will be keeping the item within that time frame. If we do not receive any communication within the 48 hour inspection period, you will have been deemed to have accepted the item(s).  

All sales are final after the 48 hour inspection period. Because most attributions on swords or signatures are based on opinions (expert or otherwise) we cannot guarantee any signatures to be real or fake. We do our best to accurately describe the item. Please use your inspection period to validate attributions and signatures.

If the item is not to your satisfaction, please contact us to let us know you will be returning it. Please ship the item back, within 72 hours of receipt, the same way it was shipped to you. The item must be in the same condition as you received it or a refund will not be issued. Please insure the item for its full value, you are responsible for it while it is in transit. Shipping and handling is not refundable.


Domestic Orders:
Depending on your location, we will ship either UPS 2nd Day or US Postal Priority/Express Mail. Cost is typically between $30 and $50 in the US. 
International Orders:
We have shipped swords to over 20 countries around the world. Shipping costs vary by country, typically about US$50 to $150 will get a sword to almost anywhere in the world.  We are not responsible for customs and duty on international orders. Items must be declared and insured for the full purchase price, no exceptions.
Shipping Insurance:
Items must be insured for its full retail price at $1/$100; we are not responsible for items in transit.
Handling Fee:
There is a 3% handling fee for all items paid with Paypal.