Trade Your Sword

We'll consider trading most any of our items for most anything sword related you might have. Traders must understand that we are not a collector, therefore we cannot trade even up. We are a business and have overhead to cover.  Therefore, whatever we might trade for has to be something that we can make a "reasonable" profit on. In this case, "reasonable" is anywhere from 10% to 50%, depending on the item.

Again, let's use the example of the SukeSada. We might have one on the Web site for $1,000. You want to trade, and you have the following items:

1. Oil Temper Gunto in 50% condition;

2. Old Iron Sukashi Tsuba;

3. Pair of Shakudo Menukis.

We estimate the Gunto will bring $350; the Tsuba $350 and the Menukis $300. Total: $1,000. We will allow you $800 on those items, 20% less, because we feel that we can move all those pieces quickly. So we will trade the SukeSada with you for the items plus $200.