Consign Your Sword

This method realizes you the greatest amount of money for your sword, but also takes longer to get your money. Generally speaking, you'll receive payment anywhere from 30 to 60 days after you send the item to us.  In addition to selling on the web, we also bring your items to sword shows and market directly to collectors without web access.   Unlike dealers who keep consignees in the dark, we tell you how much we are selling the item for and you have the ability to check on our site if your item is sold.

Our consignment terms are simple:

1. We take an 80/20 split on the selling price with a minimum $50 for fittings and $100 for swords.   Example:  We sell the sword for $1,000, you get $800 we get $200.

2. You can set your minimum "net" price, or have us price the item, whichever you prefer. We will always try and get you the most we can for the item, priced within what the market will bear. This only makes sense; the more you make, the more we make. Of course, we need to agree on price and we reserve the right to decline the piece if we are too far apart.

3. We need possession of the piece for at least 30 days to let it run a normal course on the Web. We usually settle within 30 days from the time the item goes on hold.   This is to allow sufficient time for settlement of funds, shipment and inspection of the item. In many cases, settlement is faster than 30 days, but 30 days is not unusual, especially since 50% of our sales are to overseas customers where consummation of the sale takes longer.

If the piece does not sell within 30 days, there are three options:

  1. We can reduce the price (usually 5-10%) with a corresponding drop in your "net" realization and run the piece again for 30 days;
  2. We can offer to buy the piece outright from you for a reduced price; or
  3. Return the piece to you (we pay return postage).

Generally speaking, we don't want to run a piece on the web site for more than 60 days. If it doesn't sell by then, it's probably not going to sell.