Sell Your Sword

Selling your sword to us is the fastest way to get your money. However, you will not realize as much money selling it to us as you will consigning it. That's because if we put up our own money, we expect a greater return than if we don’t.

Generally speaking, we will offer you approximately 30% less than what we expect to sell the item for. Let's say you have a SukeSada we expect to fetch $1000. We may offer to buy it off you for $700.  I say "generally speaking" because the 30% margin usually applies only to swords that we can expect to sell reasonably quick (within 30 days). If what you have for sale is something obscure, requires significant restoration or is not in demand, that margin may increase to as much as 50%.

To sell us a sword, please contact us to give a description of the item. Pictures are best. With that information we could give you an estimate as to what it is worth. However, we do need the sword in hand to make the final assessment. So you will have to send the sword to us for inspection.  Please insure the sword for its full replacement value.   We are not responsible for items in transit.  References gladly provided if you need it.

If we do not come to terms, we will ship the sword back to you at our expense.  If we do come to terms we will pay you with Certified Funds.