Koto Katana with NBTHK Papers

Signature: Tomo Tsugu (Uda) with NBTHK Papers
Year Made: Koto Period Mid-1400s
Forging Pattern: Itame Mokume
Tempering Pattern:  Midare with sunagashi
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  68.5cm, Nakago:  20.2cm, Mihaba:  29mm, Sakihaba:  21mm, Kasane:  7mm
Mountings:  In newly restored shirasaya.
Overall Condition:  Excellent. Recently fully restored in Japan with a full polish, shirasaya and NBTHK papers. Saya has some dents from storage. Uda TomoTsugu worked in Etchu province in the mid 1400s, Uda blades were renowned for their sharpness and utilitarian nature. This one is very well forged with abundant activity in the hamon and a very active hada. In its original un-shortened length and signature. This sword witnessedJapan's most bloody period, before the unification under the Tokugawa Shogunate. Given its proportions and health, was likely used by a higher ranking samurai.

SwordsElliott Tan