ShinShinto Katana with NBTHK Papers

Signature: Hisa Yuki with NBTHK Papers
Year Made: ShinShinTo Mid-1800s
Forging Pattern: Itame Mokume
Tempering Pattern:  Midare
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  73cm, Nakago:  22cm, Mihaba:  31mm, Sakihaba:  21mm, Kasane:  7.5mm
Mountings:  In newly restored shirasaya.
Overall Condition:  Excellent. Recently fully restored in Japan with a full polish, shirasaya and NBTHK papers. Saya has some dents from storage. There were 2 smiths that worked in the same period that signed HisaYuki. One lived in Edo and the other in Satsuma. Given the work, I would estimate that this is more likely the Edo smith. Note that the papers do not specify which of the 2 smiths this was. Regardless, this is a very nicely restored blade with strong and powerful proportions that you would want in a sword from this period. The forging is top class with abundant activity.

SwordsElliott Tan