Signed NoriMitsu Muromachi Uchigatana in polish and shirasaya

Signature: NoriMitsu
Year Made: 1600s
Forging Pattern: Mokeume with Itame
Tempering Pattern:   Midare in Nioi guchi with Nie. Splashes of nie in the hamon with sunagashi and inazuma.
Dimensions:   Blade length:  60.8cm, Nakago length:  13cm, Thickness at munemachi: 7mm , Width at munemachi: 30mm, Thickness at yokote: 5.5mm , Width at yokote: 21mm
Mountings:  In top quality shirasaya, professional polish and silver foiled habaki.
Overall Condition:  Excellent.  In the late Muromachi period, uchigatana forged to be used with one hand became popular, this is a fine example of that from with a very graceful shape and balance.  Restoration on this sword was done by top craftsmen at a of costs over $2500 and months of waiting. 

SwordsElliott Tan