Early Shinto Katana Signed Tsuguhiro

Signature:  …Ju Tsuguhiro.
Year Made:  Early Shinto
Forging Pattern: Nicely forged mixture of mokume & itame. 
Tempering Pattern: Midare in nie.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  24 inchesNakago: 6.5 inches 5 mm thick and 27 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Black lacquer saya with some scratches and lacquer loss, may have been repainted, Iron fuchi/kashira with inlaid copper plant and flower motif, some wear to kashira. Amateur wrap on tsuka over what appears to be gold plated floral menuki. Fittings have the appearance of some age. Copper habaki and brass and plated seppa, no tsuba. 
Overall Condition:  Very good. Older polish on blade but in good condition, some very light pitting. Very active hamon, with much ji-nie and finely done and very visible hada. A lot to see and enjoy in this sword. I could only find two groups of smiths that used this particular ji for Tsugu, one worked in the showa era and one in the 1680's, so most likely the sword dates from the late 17th century. First part of mei has been rusted away so hard to confirm this. All in all a nice old sword, that can be enjoyed as is, and would be an attractive display piece with the addition of a tsuba an possibly a professional re-wrap of the ito.

SwordsElliott Tan