Old Tachi Signed KuniMitsu

Signature:  Kunimitsu Saku
Year Made:  1400s
Forging Pattern:  Itame
Tempering Pattern:   Oneside appears to be a suguha and the other komidare
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   24 3/8", Nakago:  5 5/8", Mihaba:  1 1/8", Sakihaba:  5/8", Kasane:  1/4", Sori:  1 1/16"  
Mountings:  The saya is missing the kojiri and kirikata and the coiguchi is broken away at the mune and ha.  There are several areas where the lacquer is missing.  The saya does not appear to be opening at the seems.  This was a very nice makie saya with green abalone shell that if restored, would be very nice.  The habaki is two piece copper and silver foiled but the foil is not in perfect condition.  It is starting to split at the seem but still fits the blade and is pretty tight. 
Overall Condition:  The blade has surface abrasions, scratches and old rust spots that all can be removed when polished.  The is one forging opening just under five inches long the runs along the shinogi ji right at the mune.

SwordsElliott Tan