Nice Shin-Shinto Blade with WW II Mounts

Signature:   Mumei
Year Made:   Shinshinto
Forging Pattern:   Itame
Tempering Pattern:   Suguha, Gonome, Midare with nie
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   26 15/16", Nakago:  6 7/8", Mihaba:  1 3/16", Sakihaba:  13/16", Kasane:  5/16", Sori:  3/8"  
Mountings:  The sword is in WW II Gunto mounts. 
Overall Condition:  The sword has minor scratches, abrasions and what appears to be some old cleaned rust spot just behind the boshi.  There are some very minor chips in the edge in the boshi and just behind it.  Other than these, this is a very stout, strong blade.  The saya is wood with a nice lacquer finish and very solid.  There are a few spots along the ha of the saya where small amounts of lacquer are gone and one blade cut.  The tsuba is shakudo and the habaki is silver foiled. 

SwordsElliott Tan