Late War Kai Gunto in WW II Navy mounts

Signature: TakaYama To KinMichi
Year Made:  1940s
Forging Pattern:  Muji Hada
Tempering Pattern:   Suguha
DiThemensions:   Nagasa:   24 9/16", Nakago:  10 1/16", Mihaba:  1 3/8", Sakihaba:  1", Kasane:  5/16", Sori:  1/2"  
Mountings:  The sword is in WW2 Naval mounts.  The saya had expected dents and lacquer chips from being used in service. The tsuka has a foundation of lacquered canvas, with its original wrap. 
Overall Condition:  The blade has minor abrasions and scratches.

SwordsElliott Tan