Special Ordered Gendai To

Signature:  FukuOka Ju Rai Sugu Shige Mitsu Saku.  Special order by the Arita family.  Dated Showa 17. 
Forging Pattern:  Mokume
Tempering Pattern:  Suguha with Nie
Dimensions:  Length:  25 inchesNakago: 8.4 inches   
Mountings:  All original army mounts with black lacquered says that was most likely wrapped in leather.  Nicely made copper habaki with yujo pattern.
Overall Condition:  Very Good.  No rust, just some hazing to the original polish.  2 nicks in the blade.  Sword is exceptionally well forged with very nice tight hada, lots of ji-nie and mune yaki.  Made in the style of Do tanuki blades.  Short stout and very strong.  This sword gives the feeling that it could cut through anything you put in front of it.

SwordsElliott Tan