Long (27.5 inch) Graceful Katana in Shakudo Uchigatana Mounts with NTHK Papers

Signature:  Mumei, attributed to Mumei, attributed by the NTHK to Sagami (no) Kami Fujiwara Morinaga Nuudo.
Year Made: Shinto, approx. 1661 
Forging Pattern: Very active itame, 
Tempering Pattern: Active gunome midare.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  27.5 inchesNakago: 5.75 inches 5 mm thick and 31 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Handachi mounts that were converted for use in the second world war. Beautiful matching kabutogane, fuchi and koiguchi, done in shakudo with gold outline and a carved, floral design in the shakudo. Nice floral shakudo menuki, 3 copper seppa but the tsuba is missing. The ishizuke and shibabiki are also missing from the saya. The handle wrap is in good condition over high quality same. The lacquer on the saya is damaged and the krurikata was broken off and replaced with a military ashi. There is also wood missing from the saya. This would be a truly beautiful set of mounts with a matching shakudo tsuba (have a look at 504tsuba3 in our fittings section) and a newly made saya, using the koi-guchi from this one.
Overall Condition: Good, blade is covered with fine to medium scratches, and minor pitting in places, hiding much detail. Has a nice prominent hada where it can be seen. The hamon appears to be very active and the ji is covered with a beautiful fine layer of ji-nie showing very good workmanship as does the absence of any forging flaws in a sword of this age. It has also been issued Kanteisho (defined as "important work on Rich Stein's Nihonto site) papers by the N.T.H.K. with 74 (very good) points assigned, attesting to the quality of this sword. It is a long and graceful blade, which feels light in the hand. A polish would really bring out the beauty in this sword. Add a nice tsuba and saya and you'll have an impressive looking addition for your collection.

SwordsElliott Tan