Ancestral Katana with Bo-Hi in Civilian Mounts Adapted for Military Use

Signature:  Mumei, O-Suriage.
Year Made:  Possibly Koto, difficult to tell due to alteration of nakago
Forging Pattern: Impossible to tell. 
Tempering Pattern: Difficult to tell, possibly midare/suguha.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  24.5 inchesNakago: 6.25 inches 6 mm thick and 30 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings: Saya is plain wood with leather combat cover, war era. Tsuba is nice old iron piece, pierced with a wavy fan design with fans carved in as well. Had much brass inlay at one point, most of which is now missing. Quite old and nicely made. Tsuka is war era with brass fittings that appear to be the same age. Fuchi with design of pine boughs and sailboats in the distance, kashira design is pine boughs with moon. Menuki in brass of merchant or possibly fisherman. Wrap is in good condition samé is cracked in places. Two copper seppa and a silver washed copper habaki complete the mounting.
Overall Condition:  Of mounts: good, of blade: Poor, Blade is covered with scratches, rust and pits that pretty well obscure all workmanship. The nakago appears to have been shortened by someone other than a polisher or swordsmith. The kissaki is long and thin and it is difficult to tell if the shape is original or is due to a repair. The kissaki also has a crack on each side in the same place. The cracks don't appear to extend to the ha so technically can't be called hagiri (a fatal flaw). A polisher would have to be consulted about any repair. It is not possible to see any boshi in the kissaki. The hi are well carved, kata-chiri, end maru-dome and were probably original to the sword. It appears the sword has enough temper to take a polish if the problems in the kissaki could be resolved but that is something we are not qualified to judge.

SwordsElliott Tan