Custom Made, Inscribed Gendaito

Signature: Mino Kuni Makita Kaneyoshi Saku and on the other side Oyu Nakai Shigeru Shi Tukuru Kore, meaning Kaneyoshi of Mino province made this for Mr. Shigeru Nakai (once again thanks to Afu of for help with translation).
Year Made:  1930s/40s
Forging Pattern: Very tight hada almost muji. 
Tempering Pattern: Different on both sides, one side subdued low suguha midare in nie with nijuba, temper near the shinoji-ji and much bright chikei and the other side a wilder midare with tobiyaki in nie.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  25 inchesNakago: 7.375 inches 6 mm thick and 32 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Shirasaya with habaki being part of the tsuka in good condition.
Overall Condition:  Very good, it is covered with a haze of fine scratches, there are a few very small nicks and a tiny piece is broken from the tip of the kissaki. The sword should should have at least a finish polish to get rid of the haze that obscures much of the activities, and there is plenty to see; much bright chikei, nijuba and sanjuba, inazuma and tobiyaki. It's rare to find a sword custom made for someone and signed as such and this sword looks like it was never mounted. The nicks and scratches were probably the product of post war abuse by the souvenir collector.

SwordsElliott Tan