Rare Tanetsugu Gendai Tanto

Signature:  Tanetsugu HoriiMade one Lucky Spring Day 1980
Year Made: 1980
Forging Pattern:  Ko-Itame
Tempering Pattern:  Gonome
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   9 7/16",  Nakago: 3 3/4",  Mihaba:  7/8",  Kasane:  7/32",  Sori:  Negative"  
Mountings:  There is a very good shirasaya in and high quality silk bag stored in a custom box. 
Overall Condition:  The blade is in excellent condition and includes a high quality two piece gold foiled habaki. This smith had an interesting history, he made very few swords, as he was in a Russian prison till 1948. He worked at the Japan Steel Works until 1980.