Long Wakizashi Signed Bizen Tadamitsu

Signature:  Bizen Tadamitsu
Forging Pattern:  hard to tell
Tempering Pattern: suguha
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  20 3/16 inchesNakago: 5.5 inches 5 mm thick 27 mm wide
Mountings:  Old handachi style saya in poor condition, silver foil habaki with "rain" pattern
Overall Condition:  Poor.  Sword is covered with light stable rust and light pitting, geometry is good. Has a blister on one side. Would probably take a polish. Could be a late Koto sword. As there were many smiths by that name working in Bizen province, it is hard to tell exactly who made the sword or when. Sword is ubu with one mekugi ana. (tang is original)

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