Koto Katana in Mounts

Signature: Mumei
Year Made: 1400-1500s
Forging Pattern: Mokume
Tempering Pattern:   Suguha notare
Dimensions:   Blade Length:  70.7cm", Nakago Length: 21.7cm, Thickness at Base:  7.3mm, Width at Base:  31.5mm, Thickness at Yokote:  4.8mm, Width at Yokote:  20.2mm, Sori: 2cm
Mountings:  This sword was custom mounted by Brian Tschernega, all work was done by him including the handle foundation, wrap, saya and gold foiled 2 piece habaki. It is one of the finest mount restoration, with no expenses spared, using quiet old metal fittings.
Overall Condition:  Mounts are in excellent condition. Blade displays scratches and nicks for use, and rust free. A very nicely balanced sword with a great feel in hand.

SwordsElliott Tan