Wakizashi with Horimono

Signature:  ?Aba? no Kami Fujiwara YasuTsugu
Year Made: 1600/1700s
Forging Pattern: Masame
Tempering Pattern: Choji-gonome
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  21 1/4", Nakago:  6 1/8", Mihaba:  1 3/16", Sakihaba:  7/8", Kasane:  1/4", Sori:  5/8"  
Mountings:  The saya appears to be military but the tsuka with civilian.  The habaki is two piece copper There is no tsuba, it probably will take a smaller old tsuba.
Overall Condition: The blade has one blister and a few forging openings but is very solid.  There are a couple areas of surface rust, some abrasions and some very small chips in the edge.  These would disappear in a good polish with no problem.  The saya is wood with some surface scraping and losses.  The tsuka is solid, the ito is very tight with only minor ware.  The fuchi shakudo with gold mon and a little beat up.  The kashira is plain.  The menuki are copper dragons.

SwordsElliott Tan