Very Nice Shinto Wakizashi

Signature: Mumei.
Year Made: 1700s
Forging Pattern: O-Midare with Gonome
Tempering Pattern: Itame
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  15 9/16", Nakago:  5 1/8", Mihaba: 1 1/16", Sakihaba: 27/32", Kasane: 1/4", Sori: 3/16"  
Mountings:  Very attractive period mountings.  The tsuba is namban iron and the seppa are gold foiled.  The fuchikashir and menuki are a very nice shakudo with gold utori highlights.  
Overall Condition: The blade has a very nice active hamone and the hada is very tight but there are areas of old surface rust that have largely been cleaned.  There is no active rust.  It appears that someone has used this blade for /whacking trees or something but there is no damage to the edge and it is sharp.   The saya is solid with some lacquer chipping, abrasions, scrapes etc.  There is a kojiri of a feather that appears to be made of shakudo.  The kirikata shitadome are made of silver and very nice.  The tsuba is dirty and shows some traces of rust.  The tsuka is a little dirty but in very good condition.

SwordsElliott Tan