Signed Shinto Wakizashi

Signature:  Kawachi Daijo Fujiwara KuniSada.  This smith lived in Aizu in the mid 1600s and worked in the Mino style.
Year Made:  Shinto
Forging Pattern:  Itame
Tempering Pattern:  Suguha
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   20 1/4", Nakago:  5 3/4", Mihaba:  1 1/8", Sakihaba:  3/4", Kasane:  5/16", Sori:  9/32"  
Mountings:  There is a black lacquer saya and gold one piece habaki. 
Overall Condition:  The blade is solid and only has some forging opening is the shinogi-ji, with one going a millimeter below the shinogi.  It appears that some has tried to sharpen this blade on a grinder.  This has not caused any significant damage but, as a result, there are a lot of small scratch marks.  All of this will easily disappear in a polish.  There is a little bit of rust on one side at the front of the habaki that will also disappear with a good polish.  There is a small amount of damage to the habaki on the muneat the front.  It looks like a sword cut caused by a sword sliding down the mune hitting the habaki.  The saya is cracking along the seems at both ends but this is repairable.  The koiguchi is missing and the is some lose of wood there.  The kojiri and kurigata are also missing. 

SwordsElliott Tan