Katana in Shirasaya

Signature:  Mumei
Year Made:  Difficult to determine
Forging Pattern:  Mugi
Tempering Pattern:   Suguha
Dimensions:   Nagasa:   27 5/8", Nakago:  27 1/2", Mihaba:  1 1/16", Sakihaba:  13/16", Kasane:  1/4", Sori:  5/8"  
Mountings:  This is mounted in a shirasaya with writing.  The habaki is one piece copper and has a small split on the ha side but is still useable.
Overall Condition:  The nakago has be cleaned and the overall condition make it hard to determine the age of the blade.  It may be shinto or meiji.  The edge has eight or more sword nicks in it.  The deepest is about 1/32".  There are areas of rust.  The worst rust is about 6 1/2" down from the boshi and is 2" long.  There are areas where the blade appears to have been sanding perhaps to remove rust.

SwordsElliott Tan