Naval Land Warfare Sword with Shinto Katana

Signature:  Mumei
Forging Pattern:  Masame with Itame
Tempering Pattern:  Notare with sunagashi in nie and nioi
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  26.1 inchesNakago: 6.8 inches, 7.5mm thick, 31mm wide. 
Mountings: Extremely rare Naval Land Warfare mounts with original rig for carrying the sword on the back.  The leather wrap on the saya is rotting from salt water exposure and have some original repair where it would have contacted the officer's belt.  I have only seen one other sword in this configuration, without the back sling.
Overall Condition:  Good.  Blade is hazy and has a few small nicks, but is free from rust.  Handle wrap is all intact and is has taken a nice glossy patina from heavy use.  This blade has seen a lot of action in the war.

SwordsElliott Tan