Mounted Shinto Tanto

Signature:  HeianJo NobuYoshi
Forging Pattern:  Mokume Itame
Tempering Pattern: Very activemidare in Nie with hitasura.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  17.6 inchesNakago: 5.5 inches 6.5 mm thick 27.5 mm wide
Mountings:  Very nice original mounts from the 1800s.  Shakudo Nanako fuchi kashira with a goose in reeds and menukis of shells.  Set off with a nice carved iron tsuba with waves.  Nice original handle wrap is intact with large node same.  Original saya has many chips, seppas are original to the sword.
Overall Condition:  Good. Blade needs a polish to bring out the very active hamon.  Has a closed 1 mm blister that might open up with polish.  Overall an exceptionally well forged shinto wakizashi in hard to find original period mounts.

SwordsElliott Tan