Gendaito by KaneMitsu

Signature:  Bishu Asai Ju KaneMitsu Saku.  Daisho O DaiJin KasuGa DaiJin Hachiman DaiJin.  Dated on Nakago Mune Kooki ni sen roku hahku san nen Daito-A sen Hisso gi gan to.  Translates to KaneMitsu of Bishu made this.  Ivocation of 3 Dieties and dated 2603 years since founding of Japanese Empire, this sword is a prayer/offering to the victory of the Great Eastern War.
Forging Pattern:  Tight mokume
Tempering Pattern: Midare in ko nie
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  25.75 inchesNakago: 8.5 inches 7 mm thick 30 mm wide
Mountings:  Blade is in shirasaya.
Overall Condition:  Excellent.  Recent polish and shirasaya.  Very interesting signature, this was perhaps a sword made for an offering to a shrine or to a high ranking officer/government official.

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