YasuKuni YasuOki in Rare Mounts

Signature:  Yasu Oki, Dated Showa 15 10th month Lucky Day.
Year Made:  1938
Forging Pattern: Dense Mokume
Tempering Pattern: Choji.  Extraordinary choji hamon, the pics do not capture the details of this hamon which must be seen in person to appreciate.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  25.7 inchesNakago: 7 inches 7 mm thick and 30 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings: Unusual mix of Naval and Army mounts that are original to the blade with matching assembly stampings.  Most likely a custom ordered sword from an Officer of the Naval Landing Forces.
Overall Condition:  Excellent, in good old polish with no visible flaws.  Very nice YasuKuni sword with the more desirable Choji Hamon and rare mounts.

SwordsElliott Tan