Very Active Bizen Gendaito by Toshimune

Signature:  Bizen Kuni Ju Toshimune Kin Tsukuru Kore.
Year Made:  Showa 20th year, eighth moon, lucky day (October 1945)
Forging Pattern: Tight mokume/itame. 
Tempering Pattern: Koshi-no-hira ita midare.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  25.56 inchesNakago: 8.375 inches 6 mm thick and 32 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Newer looking shirasaya, copper habaki.
Overall Condition:  Very good, some scratching and very minor pitting but overall polish in very good condition. Extremely active hamon and ji for a Showa era sword. There are many activities to enjoy in this well forged sword and it would be stunning in full polish. It was difficult to photograph the fine ji-nie that covers much of the ji through the fine scratching but some of the photos at the bottom will give you the idea. Overall a graceful and well forged sword by a Bizen Showa smith.

SwordsElliott Tan