Lovely Little Tanto in Fresh Polish and Mounts with NBTHK Papers

Signature:  (Kato) Yoshikuni Saku.
Year Made:  Shinshinto
Forging Pattern: itame. 
Tempering Pattern: midare. 
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  7 inchesNakago: 3.125 inches 5 mm thick and 16 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Newly made aikuchi mounts with horn fittings and shi-dog menuki with a string wrap. Very nice mottled lacquer on the saya. All very well done.
Overall Condition:  Excellent, the tanto is in fresh polish and only has one or two pinholes that didn't polish out and there is a slight scuff on one side neat the tip. A very nice, polished, signed and papered piece.  Kato Yoshikuni was trained under the famous Kato Tsunatoshi school which also included both Koyama Munetsugu and Ishido Karekazu.   Tantos from this famous school are rarely offerred for sale. 

SwordsElliott Tan