Koto Shobu Zukuri Wakizashi

Signature: Mumei,
Year Made:  Koto, Pre 1600s
Forging Pattern: Mixed itame and mokume, slightly tired
Tempering Pattern: Small suguha midare in nie with sunagashi, nie saki, inazuma and what appears to be utsuri but hard to see well due to old polish and scratching. Boshi difficult to see through scratches.
Dimensions:  Blade Length:  22.5 inchesNakago: 5.5 inches 4.7 mm thick and 27 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Shirasaya, tsuka newly made, saya is old with sayagaki attribution to Bizen Unji. Silver foil and shakudo, two piece habaki with silver foil missing from one side.
Overall Condition:  Fair, I would call it good for it's age except for the scratching that obscures the boshi. Interesting sword that has seen many polishes with a very active hamon. Research would have to be done about the sayagaki being original to the sword.

SwordsElliott Tan