Shinto Wakizashi Signed Hizen Tadayoshi

Signature: Hizen Kuni Tadayoshi
Year Made: Shinto (1700/1800s)
Forging Pattern: Konuka
Tempering Pattern: Suguha
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  19 3/16", Nakago: 5 5/8", Mihaba: 1 1/8", Sakihaba: 3/16", Kasane: 1/4", Sori: 5/16"  
Mountings:  The blade in mounted in a shirasaya in good condition, no significant condition problems.  The habaki is a one piece copper, a bit old but in good conition.
Overall Condition: The blade has no notable flaws, is in good polish showing the work in it.

SwordsElliott Tan