Sendai Kunimitsu Gendaito

Signature: Sendai Ju Nin Miura Kunimitsu (Hawley KUN536)
Year Made: 1940s
Forging Pattern: Ko-Itame
Tempering Pattern: Gonome with nie
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  25 1/8", Nakago:  8 1/5", Mihaba:  1 1,8", Sakihaba:  7/8", Kasane:  1/4", Sori:  5/8"  
Mountings:  WW II Gunto mounts with one piece copper habaki and no tsuba
Overall Condition: The blade is in excellent condition with recent polish.  The saya is sound but has lacquer chipping and scratches.  The tsuka and fittings are in great condition.  Excellent blade for remounting.  Sendai Kunimitsu was a Raikujin Jumei Tosho that made swords for the Army in the traditional manner.  Typically know as "Star Stamp" smiths, these were the smiths authorized to forge with Tamahagane in the traditional manner during WW2.  This particularly blade does not have the start stamp but was forged in the traditional manner.

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