Minamoto YoshiChika

Signature: NiDai Minamoto YoshiChika Kore (2nd gen.)
Year Made: 1940s
Forging Pattern: Mokume
Tempering Pattern: Choji Midare.  Difficult to photograph due to old polish but it is a nice active temper.
Dimensions:   Nagasa: 26 1/16", Nakago: 7 1/2", Mihaba: 1 3/16", Sakihaba: 7/8", Kasane: 9/32", Sori: 13/16"  
Mountings:  1934 Pattern shin-gunto mounts of good quality (sukashi tsuba and gold washed habaki), the wear and tear of combat shows but everything matches and is in good shape.
Overall Condition: Very good. The sword is nicely made and with the length and hi would make a fine sword for iai or an unusual shape for the collector of gendaito or WW II militaria.  YoshiChika was famous for making swords that cut extremely well.  Many of the Imperial Guards used swords made by him.  This is a very rare signature for the Nidai Smith and this sword was likely custom ordered, most YoshiChikas I have seen are made with Ikubi boshi, bohi and gunome midare hamon.  Yoshichika swords are quite hard to come by and in high demand, especially one that is this configuration. Read more about this smith.

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