Long Katana by Masachika with NTHK paper

Signature: Hosokawa Masachika
Year Made: 1800s
Forging Pattern: Itame-Masame
Tempering Pattern: Suguba with nie and nioi
Dimensions:   Blade Length:  28.6", Nakago: 9.4", Mihaba: 1 5/16", Sakihaba: 15/16", Kasane: 9/32", Sori: 1"  
Mountings:  The World War II gunto mounts are good quality with a sukashi tsuba and silver washed detail on the rest of the kodogu.  The paint on the saya is chipping off and it appears to have been repainted.  There is one dent just above the kogiri.
Overall Condition: The blade is in good condition with minor scratches and some stains.  It is in its original pre war polish which has seen action, this sword will restore very nicely.

SwordsElliott Tan