Hide Nori? Gendai Katana

Signature: Hide Nori? Imperial Dating to the 1900s (difficult to make out due to rust)
Year Made: 1900s
Forging Pattern: Flowing Masame
Tempering Pattern: Suguha with nie
Dimensions:   Blade Length:  35", Nagasa: 26 13/16", Mihaba: 1 5/16", Sakihaba: 7/8", Kasane: 1/4", Sori: 3/4"  
Mountings:  The saya is metal from World War II with a leather cover that is cracking and has some missing pieces.  The habaki is one piece silver foiled that is quite well made.
Overall Condition: The blade is in very good condition except for a few minor rust pits in the boshi and under the habaki.  A good polish with make this sword look spectacular.

SwordsElliott Tan