Gendai Tanto Made from the Steel of Battleship Mikasa

Signature: Mikasa HoKo Hide Aki, Showa Roku nen Hitsuji Haru.  Made from Mikasa Canon Steel by HideAki, lucky day in 1931.
Year Made: 1931
Forging Pattern: Dense Hada, almost Nashiji.
Tempering Pattern: Suguha
Dimensions:  Blade Length: 8.9inchesNakago: 3.6 inches 5 mm thick and 21 mm wide at Hamachi
Mountings:  Shirasaya with copper habaki.
Overall Condition: Excellent.  A very interesting tanto made from the recovered steel from the Battleship Mikasa which was decommissioned in 1921.  The steel is surprisingly nice and is very koto looking.

SwordsElliott Tan