Satsuma Izu no Kami Masafusa Katana in Original Mounts
Signature: Mumei, with NTHK papers attribution to Masafusa
Year Made: 1600s

Forging Pattern: Mokume
Tempering Pattern:   Suguha midare with ashi and yo with very thick habuchi
Dimensions:   Nagasa73cm", Nakago:  22.6cm, Thickness at base: 7.61mm, Width at base: 31mm, Thickness at yokote: 5.32mm, Width at Yokote: 22.16mm, Sori: 13.5mm 
Mountings:  In original Edo period Satsuma mounts. Original fittings down to the custom fitted seppas. Repairs to cracks in the saya, and to the tsuka knot.
Overall Condition: Very good condition. Blade is in good polish, mounts are original with some wear and repairs.

Satsuma Masafusa is rated as Josaku (High Grade) smith, with a cutting rating of Wazamono (Supreme Cutting Ability). This is a very powerful sword; thick, wide and healthy. The mounts are made for hard use, and while being of high quality, gives a very somber, grounded presence. It speaks to the Satsuma Samurai's reputation of being pragmatic, powerful, no nonsense warriors that Tom Cruise's movie The Last Samurai portrayed.


Satsuma Samurai during the Boshin War of 1867.