Kaga Katana with Original Edo Mounts
Signature: Kaga Ju KiyoMitsu 
 Kaga swords are known for their sharpness and favored by samurai for their no-nonsense practicality.  This one is mounted in quiet good quality practical original mounts.
Year Made:  1600s

Forging Pattern: Ko Itame
Tempering Pattern: Suguha
Dimensions:   Nagasa 27 3/4", Nakago:  7 1/4", Mihaba:  1 7/32", Sakihaba:  13/16", Kasane:  9/32", Sori:  9/16"  
Mountings:  Edo period samurai koshirae.
Overall Condition:  At some point someone has sandpapered, no grinding, this blade in an attempt of "clean" it so it is hard to examine it.  The blade has old rust but there doesn't appear to be any pitting.  There are two forging openings and about an 1/8" the tip is broken off.  A good polisher can probably correct the problems.  There is a nice, wide suguha hamon and will be attractive once it is polished.  The tsuka is strong and the ito is in good condition except over one of the manuki but this is a nice Edo pinch wrap.  The manuki and shakudo bats and the fuchikashira are iron.  The tsuba is also nice, heavy iron with gold and shakudo inlay.  The habaki is in very good condition and can be used.  The saya has a minor crack about about 4'' long running on the ha side from the koiguchi.  This is repairable.  There are other dents and missing lacquer, the worst being about 2 1/2" long.  Also reparable.  The kirikata and the kogiri are missing.