Koshirae Edo Period
Signature: N/A
Year Made: Edo

Forging Pattern: N/A
Tempering Pattern: N/A
Dimensions:   Saya29 13/16", Tsuka:  10 1/8", Tsuba: 2 31/32", Fuchi: 1 17/32"  
Mountings:  The tsuba and fuchikashira are iron with nice, dark patina.  The moon menuki appears to me silver and the leaf menuki appears to be brass.
Overall Condition: The saya is in overall good condition with mostly minor abrasions.  There is one scratch that runs between two ribs that is down to the wood.  This could be easily filled with a little lacquer.  The ito is still in good condition but showing some ware at the top of some of the twist overlaps and at the kashira end knot.  The same beneath is in vary good condition.  The is a hole that goes through the tsuka just below the kashira.  It appears to have been deliberately drilled there.  The kashira has a little rust abrasion.


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