Late Koto/Early Shinto Katana
Signature: Mumei.
Year Made: Koto/Shinto

Forging Pattern: Itame
Tempering Pattern: Suguha
Dimensions:   Nagasa25 3/8", Nakago: 7", Mihaba: 1", Sakihaba: 11/16", Kasane: 7/32", Sori: 9/16"  
Mountings: The sword is mounted in an older shirasaya with dents and dings and splitting along the seams.  All these can probably be repaired but it will always look fresh.  The habaki that is solid with the remains of a gold plating and it does shows it age.
Overall Condition: This blade has been buffed.  There are some grain openings and one rust spot.  What little work can be seen in the blade is very attractive and a good polish would greatly enhance it.  It appears to be Mihara den work.



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