Long ShinShinto Katana by Hiroshige with NTHK Papers
Signature: Echigo Hiroshige
Year Made: 1800s

Forging Pattern: Itame
Tempering Pattern: Suguha with waves of nie and nioi
Dimensions:   Blade Length:  27.9", Nakago: 9.6", Mihaba: 1 3/16", Sakihaba: 3/4", Kasane: 5/16", Sori: 3/8"  
Mountings:  There is a gunto tsuba, sepa and tsuka, no saya.  There is a one piece copper habaki in good condition that appears to have had a silver wash at one time.
Overall Condition: The blade is in good, solid condition with no flaws except for light scratches that run the length of the blade.  A good polish would make this blade a nice addition to anyone's collection.  Or leave it as is, all the activity is visible in this condition.


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