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SUIT OF ARMOR (composite)

 Circa: Mid to late 1700s

 Leather, brown lacquered IYEAZANE NI MAI DOH.  

DOH: The body armor of this set is a 2 section IYEAZANE style armor. The ZANE (scales) are made of leather, and lacquered in a medium to dark brown. The lacing is in a dark blue silk and appears to be in very good shape. The attached KUSAZURI are of KIRI KOZANE, gold lacquered leather, with a bear fur trim. The bear fur is in relatively good shape. The toggles on the front of the armor appear to be made of ivory or bone, and of modern construction.

 KABUTO: The helmet is a HINENO ZUNARI style. It has a black lacquer, with gold lacquered icons. The icons depicted on the helmet are unknown. This looks to be an early to mid1700s helmet.

 MEN: The face mask is a MENPO of iron construction. It has a horse a hair mustache. The black or extremely dark brown lacquer is in good shape. The YODARE KAKE is of KIRI KOZANE , cut lacquered leather, with a gold/light brown silk lacing. This MEN is from the early to late 1700s.

 SODE: A pair of leather KIRI KOZANE  gold lacquered, blue silk laced sleeves. They are in excellent condition. Early to late 1700s.

KOTE: The armored sleeves contain several gold lacquered iron plates, connected by Japanese style chain mail. they are in medium condition, and might match the DOH.

There are no SUNEATE.

 Non of the pieces are signed.

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