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FULL SUIT OF ARMOR (composite)

 Circa: Late 1600s to Early 1700s

Iron, black lacquered GO MAI DOH.


DOH: The body armor of this set is a 5 section iron SENDAI style armor. The iron plates are very heavy, and has a glued in leather liner. All of the hinge pins are original. For its age, it is in medium to good shape. As this is a composite and not a matched suit (GUSOKU), the DOH shows significant age and as far as a fighting armor, this is the "real thing". The removable KUSAZURI are not original to this DOH, and they are made of lacquered leather.

KABUTO: The helmet has an iron 8 section HACHI with a 4 section iron SHIKORO. The SHIKORO might not be original to this HACHI but has been together with this helmet for a significant amount of time. The HACHI is lacquered in black, and the SHIKORO, in dark brown, and is in over all very good condition with the exception of some damage on the left FUKIGAESHI. The lacing is dark blue, and is in very good shape. The TEHEN is a simple two section copper alloy, and looks to be original to the HACHI. The liner is intact, but in poor condition. The helmet is unsigned. This is another piece of this armor that shows significant age and is probably  from the late 1600s to early 1700s.

MEN: The face mask is a SARU style HANBO. The lacquer is black on the outside with a red/vermillion interior. The lacing is black or an extremely dark blue. It's in medium condition, and is probably from the early to mid 1700s.

SANGU: The SANGU (KOTE, SUNEATE, and HAIDATE) are a matched set. They are made of multiple small black lacquered iron plates, connected by chain mail. They appear to be from the early to mid 1700s, and are in medium condition, with the SUNEATE being in the roughest shape.

Non of the pieces are signed.

A HITSU comes with the suit and is in good condition.

A modern stand also comes with this armor.


PRICE $5,000

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